Do you want possibly the best UP&GO internship in the world?

We’ll pay you to come work in our Auckland office (good start right?).

You’ll knock off at lunchtime (as long as you turn up on time).

We’ll give you the keys to all the UP&GO Social Media (but we’ll be right there with one hand an inch off the steering wheel and the other an inch off the handbrake), training and heaps of cool opportunities.

You’ll get loads of UP&GO plus some cool toys to play with while you’re on your internship.

You’ll get really good at making coffee and sorting mail (Jokes. Kind of).

Who do you think you are anyway? We don’t know but we reckon:

You’ll be all about social media – this is a social media internship after all. You’ll be familiar with working on multiple platforms, you’ll know what is likely to work on each and  (PAY ATTENTION – THIS BIT IS REALLY IMPORTANT) you’ll be great at creating content that influences and engages people . Maybe this social media thing is what you want to do when you grow up? Growing up is totally optional though.

You’ll love a challenge. This isn’t wrapping Christmas presents at the mall, this is a once-in-a-year opportunity and we want to see you achieve something you can put in your CV or at least brag to your mates about. We’ll expect a lot out of you, but don’t worry, you can have the afternoons to be #livingyourbestlife.

You’ll be creative. You’ll need to be able to come up with great ideas that work for both us and our fans.

You need to love UP&GO. You’re going to be living and breathing it. No, not literally, that’s a bad idea.

So you think you want to come and work with us? Sweet, come and check out what you need to do to apply -

Category: Sales and Marketing

Reference ID: SA0SANMT000032

Date Posted: 27/09/2019